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  • Product: PRx Profile Squat Rack with Kipping Bar

    Squat Rack

    PRx Profile Squat Rack with Kipping Bar

  • Place to Buy: amazon.com
  • Specifications: 90in uprights, 22 inches from off the wall, 4 inches off the wall when folded. Holds 1,000 pounds
  • My Rating: 8/10

General Overview

The PRx Profile Squat Rack provides a compact way to store itself. I think it’s rather smart to have a rack that’ll fit right on your wall.

My first impressions were how heavy it is. Granted, it is made of steel and it should be heavy. Beware, this is not a one-person set-up project. There are moments when I had to enlist the help of my wife to put that thing up there.

During workouts, it functions as it needs to. I have one side that’s pretty close to a wall, so I’m constantly battling with my barbell to add weights. I was a little concerned about the J-cups at first (they seemed small for the rack) but since using them for a while, I’ve gained confidence in them.

I feel safe while I’m in the rack. It might seem shaky at first but that’s just because it’s bolted to a wall. Rest assured, it won’t come off by shaking it when you rack the weight.

Putting Up the Squat Rack

This is where I docked some points. I’m not a handy person, and the instructions were pretty difficult to follow. Maybe someone who is good at putting things together would have a better time doing it. For me, I had to screw and unscrew bolts multiple times to get the darn thing in the right place.

It has to be completely straight. No errors. If it isn’t straight, then you’ll have a hard time putting the rack up on the wall.

Make sure your ceiling is the right height! When they way 105 inches for ceiling height, they mean it. So, don’t just measure your ceiling, and it comes out to be 98 inches and call it a day. Those extra 7 inches are absolutely necessary.

You’ll have to use some large ratchets as well. Make sure you have large ones available. I think it calls for 15/16th size along with some other sizes for other bolts. You need a good ratchet set! And have some wrenches nearby. You’ll need to hold a bolt and turn the nut at the same time for tightening.

Get a stud finder, a plum line, and a friend. If you don’t have a plumb line, I just tied one of their big washers on a string and used that…It worked just fine. Not bad for improv!

Working Out

Overall, I’ve been pleased when working out on this rack. I don’t feel like it’s going to come off the wall when I do pull ups and I feel like it holds the weight I need it to hold. It says it holds up to 1,000lbs, which covers most of the general population.

There is a rack without the kipping bar. I highly recommend getting the kipping bar if you’re taller, even if you’re just planning on doing pull ups. The pull up bar is pretty low (I’m 6’0) and I can touch the ground with my feet when doing a set. The kipping bar is just tall enough for me to do a set without touching the ground at the bottom.

During squatting, I feel like it moves around a lot. Probably because I’m doing more weight and I feel it moving. Also, it’s a little uncomfortable getting the bar back onto the J-cups. I’ve since gotten over that since working with it, and I’ve found it’s not much of an issue.



  • Compact and fits the wall easily
  • Holds all the weight you need
  • It’s easy to take down off the wall
  • The kipping bar is high enough for pull ups or kipping
  • The attachments are easy to put on


  • Set up is lengthy and requires another person
  • Wobbly at times when re-racking weights
  • MUST have a high enough ceiling or it won’t fold into the wall
  • Directions are difficult to follow
  • Need extra tools if you don’t already have them


Overall, I’m impressed. I know there are other folding racks out there that may be less expensive, but this one is a good one. However, don’t get it just to show off to your friends. It’s pretty spendy, and I would only get it if you’re serious about making and keeping a good workout routine that includes weight training.

Then again, I would hesitate getting ANY home gym if you’re not going to use it regularly. It’s a huge investment. But if you are going to use it, I highly recommend this Profile Squat Rack. It’s dependable, durable, and will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

Let me know if you have questions about this rack or other features it has. Comment below with your comments, concerns, or questions. I hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks Garage Gym Goers!



  1. Thank you for the great review of PRx Squat Rack.
    I have to say that I am impressed. I currently have a rowing machine next to my bed, a treadmill in the office, a horizontal-bar for pull-ups at the wall and a boxing bag on the balcony. This would be an excellent choice to complete my gym. Of course, it could also be an excellent reason for my wife to kick me out!!
    Anyway, this is a great squat rack. It is great quality, steady, durable, and will last a lifetime. The great thing about it is that it takes up no space and seems super easy to use.
    I will surely think it over!

  2. Alex,
    Thanks for your comment! I certainly don’t want to give your wife a reason to kick you out! Overall, yes, it is a good squat rack. It’s suitable for anyone looking at adding weights to their garage gym. Let me know what other info you need!

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