Product Review for Kudos Online Fitness Coach- Daily Workout Plan

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  • Product: Kudos Online Fitness Coach Program
  • Price: $3 per day. $95 per month
  • Place to Buy: Kudos.fit
  • My Rating: 9/10

Do you have trouble getting motivated to work out? There are some great ways to get a daily workout plan. This is a great tool to get you moving to a more healthy lifestyle. With all the challenges of getting started and staying with a workout plan, nothing is better than having a coach motivating you to reach your workout goals.

General Overview

Kudos Online Fitness Coach Program is a program where you sign up to have a fitness coach help you to be or to stay fit. The coaches send daily workouts to clients, and then keep track of progress.

This helps people to stay accountable for reaching their goals. It’s a program solely through text, and for about $3 dollars per day you can have a personal trainer send you workouts, nutrition information, and keep you on top of your workout gains.

A great part about Kudos is that there are NO CONTRACTS! You can stop at any time. This approach has helped tons of people start their fitness journeys, but still have the flexibility to do something else when they need.

When you start, one of the Kudos personal trainers will talk to you about your goals and help you create a plan. Once you establish your plan, that trainer will send you workouts through their app for you to do. You report when you completed the workout, and you get personalized feedback from the trainer.

When you’re setting up your goals, they will CALL you! This isn’t an impersonal fitness site. The trainers really care about how you can improve.

They do a really good job getting to know each individual person as well. Definitely a plus.

Compare to Personal Training

So, how does Kudos compare to personal training? These two have similarities but are vastly different as well. Kudos does everything through their app. Whereas with a personal trainer you either go to where they are or they go to you.

Kudos is rather inexpensive. The $95 per month price pales in comparison to a personal trainer. With personal trainers, you’re lucky to only pay $40 per session! That was my price when I saw was going to a personal trainer.

Don’t get me wrong, going to a personal trainer was AWESOME! I got some great learning opportunities, workout ideas, and made a friend in the process.

Despite this though, If you did a session with a personal trainer just five days a week for one month, you’d be spending $800.

So, $800 vs. $95? That’s a no-brainer. The prices don’t even compare. AND Kudos trainers are all certified trainers in their own specialties. You are getting the best of the best from these trainers, and they’re give you their all to make sure you’re successful.

You’ll have a personal trainer right in your pocket. They’re able to reach out to you in more meaningful ways and send you detailed workouts to fit your needs.


This review wouldn’t be complete without pros and cons! Here they are:


-Price for a virtual personal trainer compared to an in-person trainer

-Holds people accountable for their workouts

-The app is intuitive

-Workouts are tailored to the person

-Flexible. Works with your schedule


-One free month

-Getting started is seemless


-Very minor app bugs preventing use sometimes

-Could be more expansive on their nutrition advice

-Does not substitute for in-person instruction


I gave this a 9/10. I felt like this is a REALLY good app for people who are looking for some more guidance and direction in their workouts without having to develop a plan themselves. It essentially outsources all of those issues to a personal trainer who’ll do it for you.

You’ll have to be careful that you maintain proper form. If you’re starting your fitness journey, then you may have some lifts that might be complicated for you. However, that issue is solved through constant communication with the trainer. I’m saying, nothing will substitute for having someone watch you do a lift and give you on-the-spot corrections in the mean time.

This program is a slam dunk price-wise. It adequately fits your schedule and you get quick responses on any questions you may have. There’s a lot that you can do with this program.

Really though, give this a shot! Your free month is a great opportunity to see how this can impact your life.

Let me know about what you think of Kudos below! Leave a comment or a question about Kudos. Thanks, Garage Gym Goers, and I’ll see you next time!



  1. Hi Bobby,
    great read! I think you have done your research on Kudos and are able to pinpoint a lot of their apparent pros (personally I know nothing about them). Also, and I totally agree with you on this one, a “pros and cons”-section is a ‘must have’ for a review. Here it also looks like you do a very good job. I think the Kudos people would feel rather proud if they read this.

    One question: As this is the first article I read on your site, do you have reviews of any other workout programs? Anything to compare with? Kudos may very well still be a 9/10, but it could be interesting to see how they score against other rivals, and not only personal trainers (although that is very relevant, and I definitely give you points for that one too!).

    Thanks again for a good read,

    • Joachim!
      Absolutely! I’ll have to check out more virtual personal training sites and see how they compare. You’re right, though, because there are others that may be better. Comparing Kudos to personal training was something I could relate to, so I figured it would be good for others to know as well. Thanks for your comment!

      • Again, I totally agree with you! Many people will be able to relate to your PT-comparison, and makes this a very good read. I realise a comparison of too many programs might be too big for a single article, and it might even defeat the purpose of this article. I was just curious, basically… :p

        Keep up the good work!

        • I would be curious too:) I’ll look up and see if there are other programs like this out there. I may be able to find a few? Not sure…the internet is a vast array of everything! Thanks for your comment!

  2. A personal trainer through an app? What an idea! Though I do like the idea of having a personal trainer that’s face to face with me in the gym – but that price per session can become a barrier, no matter how motivated I may be. I think this app is a great idea and very cost effective.
    I also see your point about having a personal trainer there who’s there to correct your form on a particular exercise. Some of us just need that extra encouragement from someone in person when completing a set, or making it through our workout. But if a trainer is actually calling and helping me to reach my goals? I believe that’s worth the investment in using this app.

    Great article!

    • Isaiah,
      You’re right it’s a brilliant idea for sure! Yeah, having done a personal trainer before it does seem like it’ll be a tough switch. But I feel like Kudos does a good job relating to their clients to help motivate them. And, yes, that price tag…It’s SOOO much better to do $3 per day compared to $40 per session. And you don’t have to think about what your workout is going to be. They already have it for you! Thanks for your comment!

  3. I didn’t realise this was an option for someone considering having a trainer to help motivate them and work on their fitness levels. I’m sure this would be super motivating knowing that you’re paying for the service, but it’s also affordable. What a great way to use technology! I also love the fact that they also have a human side to them. This is even better, as it’s not a one size fits all approach and allows for a personal program. Brilliant.

    • Kat,
      You’re right! They do a good job at tailoring the workouts to the user. Thanks for your comment!

  4. Thank you for your great review. Kudos sounds like a great program. Do you feel it would be a good option for all fitness levels or do you think beginners might be better getting some initial guidance from an in-person trainer even though it costs so much more? Either way I’d love to see examples of some of the daily and weekly workouts you were given if you ever do any follow up reviews. Either way it’s great to know there is a free trial available!

    • Amy,
      That’s a good question! The trainers do a great job at coaching at your level. So, if you’re a beginner they’re not going to start you out doing complex lifts like the power clean. But if your workouts are too easy then they’ll amp it up for you. So, I don’t think it’s necessary to get an in-person trainer first. If you’re curious about your form, take videos of yourself and compare those to videos online and see how you can improve. And most of all, just listen to your body. You’ll know when you have to scale back a bit because something hurts. But overall, this is a good app for beginners and certainly if you’re looking to improve on your fitness goals. Thanks for your comment and question!

  5. Wow, this is a great APP for me, I usually work very late, so feel lazy and don’t wanna go to the gym for workout, with this App I can do exercise anytime when I get home. Second, workout with a coach is so expensive, this App is much cheaper than coaches, the best thing is If I don’t want to use it, I can stop it anytime.
    Thanks for sharing this great App with me:)

  6. Hi Bobby,
    What a great idea!!
    I live out of town and something like this would be so useful. Having a trainer come out so far is very expensive and I’d rather not drive into the city every day to see one. This is the perfect solution!
    It’s amazing what they can do with our technology now. Yay!!
    Thanks for this review!

    • Suzanne,
      I’m glad you found the review helpful! It is perfect for people who live out of the city and who want to have a good workout. It really is neat what they can do with apps and technology today! Thanks for your comment!

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